John Rhone has been a creative spirit from the start. He played clarinet and saxophone from the age of 8 all the way through 18 in award winning orchestras. After high school he began a career in music production and after 20 years in the music industry amassed millions of records sold and an American Music Award. In the past 10 years John has become quite an accomplished photographer. He has been published in numerous nationwide magazines, worked for companies like Disney, photographed a nationwide milk campaign and had his work on billboards overlooking the sunset strip in Hollywood. With his knowledge of cameras, lighting and technology he decided to focus on one of his true loves, automobiles. His earliest memory with a camera in his hand was at the age of 9 at Sears Point Raceway (now Infineon Raceway) in Sonoma, California taking pictures of his older brother racing his Datsun 510 in SCCA club racing with his Mom’s Pentax K1000 fully manual 35mm camera. A camera he still has and uses to this day. Currently he blends the imaging technology of the best and most current cameras and lenses along with state of the art digital image manipulation creating a blend of classic photography with a modern twist.